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DanceXR is a character model viewer and motion player. It supports PMX(MMD) & XNALara/XPS models and VMD motion format. Unlike other MMD players DanceXR allows almost any motion to play on any model without any manual tweaking or bone adjustments. 

It doesn't matter whether the model has IK bones or is it in T pose or A pose, the model & motion are adapted automatically on the fly by our unique motion system to ensure the maximum compatibility.

There are also tons of built-in features to make the characters more life-like. You can see them breathing, blinking eyes naturally and even making eye contact with you. Plus there are procedural motions for you to use and more features added every month with each updates.  

DanceXR is previously known as Dance Viewer VR (DVVR) and has been around on VR platforms for a couple years. The Quest version has been heavily optimized for the platform and is able to deliver full 72fps game play on Quest 2.  

DanceXR comes with a built-in character "VR Girl" and several procedural motions. On top of that we also included a "Content Manager" app for you to build your own content library with the character & motion that you like. 

Please note that we do not provide any content that we don't own within this bundle. And we do not provide any means for distributing the content within the app. By downloading this app the users have to agree that they take full responsibility for the content they use with it and they themselves have to ensure that all legal & copyright requirements are satisfied. The developer of DanceXR does not take any responsibility for the user generated content.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorVR Storm Lab
Made withUnity
Tagsdance, dancexr, dvvr, mmd, Music, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
InputsOculus Quest
LinksHomepage, Patreon, Support


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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DanceXR Pro_qst_1.4.3.894.apk 133 MB
DanceXR Pro_qst_1.4.5.950.apk 127 MB
DanceXR Pro_qst_1.4.6.989.apk 122 MB
DanceXR Clean_pico_1.4.6.991.apk 106 MB
DanceXR Pro_pico_1.4.7.1028.apk 129 MB
DanceXR Pro_qst_1.4.7.1028.apk 128 MB

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DanceXR Pro_qst_1.3.8.773.apk 99 MB
DanceXR Free_pico_1.4.6.991.apk 106 MB

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After installing the DanceXR Pro_qst_1.4.7.1028 version, I see only a blue pass-through screen. I deleted my data, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, but it didn't work. I was forced to downgrade to 1.4.6, and it worked fine. Do you know how to fix it?"

用在pico 闪退

哪款硬件?pico3 / 4?

Will there be support for other model types added in the future, perhaps SFM or blender?

1.3.7 the hair and cloth spazzes out looks like tentacles or something

physics broken

if you change some settings within the app the apps crashes and never launches again until you wipe ans reinstall

constantly crashing on quest 2 even after reinstalling multiple times. also have not been able to add more rhen 1 model at a time. when i press plus or add it just loads the current model replacing the 1st and only moxel on screen

Thanks for the report, we are investigating.

I’m not sure tf this is a bug, but tried to open it today, and it just kept crashing. Maybe has somthing to do with the Quest 2 updat, not sure though. Anyone having similar issueS?

It seems working fine here. You can try connect your Quest to your PC, then navigate to the folder of DanceXR (/Android/data/com.vrstormlab.dancexr/files/) and delete the config.json file and see if that can fix it. 

i am also havijg that issue.

everything loads fine after about 4 to 5 times of closing and reopening it just fails to stay open. shows the logo then untity then the loading dots and goes to quest homescreen


I would like to contact you, but I do not know your email address. Please tell me your email address.

Thank you.



Thank you very much.

Deleted 18 days ago

Yes, all future updates will also be available to you if you own it. 

Is the content manager app available for the Oculus build, and if so, how do I get it?

No, Quest doesn't allow running normal Android apps so it is currently not available. 


Thanks for creating this, I love to be able to view MMD/XNA models directly on my Quest, with no other hardware. I’d like to share an experience I had while using this: I turned on Override Motion, and also Ragdoll Mode, and the scene totally went crazy. I was laughing so darn hard.

Could DanceXR also use .VPD pose files? I’d like to request that to be added in the future, please.

VPD is not yet supported but we can look into that. 

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Why could my FPS be in the 10s even on low settings?

Will look into that. Thanks for the report. 

I've tried everything. I followed your video. I cannot find any models loaded. No clue what to do at this point.

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Could you take a screenshot showing the folder structure of your content library on the Quest and send it to us, then maybe we can figure out what's wrong. Also, if you setup multiple users on your Quest, only the primary user can access the content due to system limitations. 

I bought DanceXR Pro. I was happy with the demo version, but the Pro version was amazing! Of course there may be problems, but I was able to confirm the operation with my Quest 1 without any problems. Procedural motion is a lot of fun. I think that if the number of procedural motions increases, we will not need our own motion data.

I succeeded in moving the boobs of the xps model!

Great! Now I have more fun.

One thing that is difficult to understand is how to make a Remix Motion. How should I connect the two motions?

I would be grateful if you could upload it to youtube if possible.

I am looking forward to the version upgrade in the future.

Downloaded the android version and having trouble loading actors into scene. Zip files show up in content manager, but unable to select characters in game.

What model is that? Maybe it's missing something that is required. For XPS model it has to have a .xps or .mesh file, for PMX model it has to have a .pmx
The content manager is not looking into the zip package, it only recognizes zip packages but it cannot determine if that zip contains valid content. 

There are many xps models that work well, but all of them move their eyes but don't blink. Can this problem be solved by using Bone Mapper?

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Not yet, the bone mapper does not contain bones for eyelids. Might add that in the future. And bare in mind that some models just don't have eyelids control at all... 

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I understand that the model doesn't blink.

Is it possible to shake the chest of the xps model?

Most of the MMD models shake their chests, but the xps models do not.

Most of the xps models move, but only the eyeballs.

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Yes the XPS models can shake boobs, but you'll need to setup its boobs physics first, since each model might have different bone setup, we can't apply that automatically. In the actor settings, go to the physics tab, open Boobs Physics and then click on Select Bones, then tick the bones that represent left and right breasts. Usually that should be enough but if it's not working correctly you can try to adjust the spring force & position offset etc in the settings. 

If the model is MMD, there is physics in the actor settings, but if the model is xps, there is no physics. There is a bone mapper instead of physics. Where should I set the physics if the model is xps?

By the way, the version I'm using is still free.

Is it possible with the pro version?

e pagado por la version pc, aspiro  espero que me den la descarga.

acebo de pagar con tarjeta por la descarga

DanceXR Quest, y no me a enviado nada, que ocurre?

I downloaded xsp from deviantart and tried various things, but most of the models do not move. I wonder why? Some have a transparent body.

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I downloaded the demo version!

It's fun because it works by Quest alone.

What is the difference between the demo version and the regular version?

I use it in combination with MacBook and Side Quest.

I tried some xps, but there are some problems.

I'm using Quest1.

The pro version have morphs & material controls, and you can load more than one model in the scene. Plus there are built-in motions & special effects specific to Pro version. Some of the XPS models have different bone structures, you'll need to use the bone mapper to be able to use motion on them. Here's a video about bone mapper: 

It's annoying to use the bone mapper when using it standalone. Is it better to use Unity or Blender?

Some xsp models can be used as they are, so it may depend on how the creator made them.

Does the demo version limit the frame rate? If you use Quest1 standalone, it is unavoidable that the frame rate is low in terms of performance.

The demo version is free and I think this performance is amazing.

I'm interested in the pro version. However, the performance cannot be fully brought out by stand-alone use.

My hope is to have VRM and other support.

Thank you